Transporting a dog part of the way to their forever home or rescue is a rewarding experience.  Be part of our “underground dog railroad” that takes place every other Saturday and Sunday. Dogs are moved to their forever homes and/or rescue partners and foster homes in the Mid-Atlantic and Northern states. Just a little time out of your day to give a ride to a furry friend makes all the difference. Pack up your crate or simply let someone ride “shotgun” and join the fun!

Our relay transport legs are all about an hour's drive, starting from Bamberg, SC and traveling up I-95 to Baltimore and beyond. This is a very important function and vital to the success of Safe Haven! For more info, please email:

Strict precautions are taken with every dog on our transport in order for them to arrive as safe and sound as when they left us. All dogs travel with their paperwork in a marked envelope, an ID collar, a regular collar and at least 2 leashes. Dogs who are a bit timid, and every small dog, wears a collar, a harness and 3 leashes. Most dogs are crated for the trip, but there is usually one who rides “shotgun”. In those cases, he/she is always tethered for safety.

All puppies travel in crates and are only grouped with litter-mates. Extra special precautions are taken with these youngsters. No paws are allowed to touch the ground until they are 6 months old. Each puppy is handled by someone wearing latex gloves, and those gloves are changed for each litter. No puppies are allowed to touch a puppy from a different litter along the way.

Despite our strict and possibly clinical approach on transport, each puppy is given lots of love along the way.  At every stop, they are offered water, given Nutrical as needed, and are cleaned up if accidents happen.

Between each stop dogs are all given a nice little walk and offered water before getting back on the road for the next leg. Most consider it a great adventure where they are getting lots of love.

It may be necessary for some to overnight and that is usually done around the Baltimore or surrounding areas. At the end of a long day, they appreciate some play and snuggle time with their overnight hosts, who sometimes find it hard to say goodbye the next a.m.!


Saturday transport legs:

  • Bamberg to Columbia, SC

  • Columbia to Richburg, SC

  • Richburg to Charlotte, NC

  • Charlotte to High Point, NC

  • High Point to Durham, NC

  • Durham to South Hill, VA

  • South Hill to Richmond, VA

  • Richmond to Fredericksburg, VA

  • Fredericksburg to Alexandria, VA

  • Alexandria, VA to Baltimore, MD


Sunday transport legs split in several directions, depending on where the landing spot will be. Each maintains the same level of care and is for roughly the same length/drive time.