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Here are some ways you can support us beyond straight financial donations: When you place your first order with them, they will donate $20 to us! And getting all the products you want & need straight to your door is the best.


Shop @ Amazon?  Make us your AmazonSmile partner (and make sure to always shop through



RADAR - Raising Aid for Dogs at Risk raises funds to provide financial assistance for specific dogs in shelters. Their focus is primarily on smaller, overcrowded, and underfunded rural shelters that typically operate below the radar in Appalachia and the Southeast. Efforts are aimed at helping otherwise adoptable dogs in these shelters who are least likely to get adopted (older dogs, black dogs, special-needs dogs, medical-needs dogs), regardless of breed.


Rescue Bank
Nutritious pet food is donated when it is nearing the ‘best buy’ date, has minor packaging defects or is being re-branded. Animal rescue groups use the savings from their food budget for more spay/neuter and vet services – increasing adoptions of healthier pets.

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