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Many of MAMAS dogs are sent to our rescue partners, but our most highly adoptable dogs and puppies are posted on the Safe Haven Puppy Rescue Petfinder page, through the magic of the internet, as available for direct adoption. Safe Haven Puppy Rescue, the internet arm of MAMAS, facilitates these adoptions by reviewing applications, interviewing applicants, calling references, arranging for home visits and finally, assisting with free volunteer transport up to Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and beyond.


MAMAS counts on the fees from these adoptions to cover a significant portion of the shortfall between county funding and what it takes to keep the doors open. The idea that these totally adorable doggies are helping their (perhaps less photogenic) brethren by giving them the time they need to also find THEIR forever homes is very appealing to us. Some dogs are with us for years, perhaps because they are grown and missed their puppy window of high adoptability, or they have needs for extended medical care, or they're just not classically beautiful and so are overlooked. We care for them and wait hopefully, knowing that they too will soon make someone a wonderful friend. We believe they deserve that chance.

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